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Written by david   

There are so many details involved in your preparation for the big day and make-up is one of the details that is more important than most brides realise at first. Make-up completes the picture, you could be dressed in the most gorgeous gown and jewellery but if your make-up does not compliment and enhance your features or is too heavily applied it will detract from the overall effect which of course will be only too obvious in your wedding photos as well.

It probably isn't so much about choosing your make-up but more about choosing your make-up artist. You need to feel comfortable from the initial meeting with your make-up artist. Their work will affect your whole wedding so this decision is not to be taken lightly, your photographs will bring up every detail and you are the "canvas". Ask questions and see if the answers agree with your thoughts, the make-up artist should be inspiring you with their ideas and suggestions not telling you what you already know. Like photographers they will have a portfolio of previous work to show you so take your time to look at all the samples and make notes of what you like and what you don’t like. Collect some images from magazines, internet etc, of make-up looks that you love and again a few that you don’t like and use these to help you visualise and discuss your options with the make-up artist.

It is common practice to have a make-up trial before your wedding day as this will ensure you will be confident that your make-up will be nothing short of stunning on the big day. The ‘less is more’ rule applies. Make-up that is too heavy will only make you look and feel sticky and ‘over-done’ on the day. Your wedding is not a movie set therefore there will not be strong lighting that ‘washes you out’; the flash that a photographer uses is designed for soft "complimentary" lighting.
Everybody has different features, skin colour/tone and shaped faces and this is where an experienced make-artist works their magic, their skills will bring enhance your best features and hide the not so good. Another point to keep in mind is that your make-up needs to last and look good for at least 12 hours on the day so when you have your make-up trial done it would be a good idea to test this out as well. If you have a ruling colour in your wedding style this is important to communicate to your make-up artist, especially where coloured gems/jewellery are concerned.
Ask your artist if they provide a small touch up kit with the price, you will need to top up your lip stick during the day (all that kissing). A professional make-up artist will of course use water proof mascara and water resistant products. Think about the temperature of the day as well, if it is normally hot or you will be out in the open for part of the day you will need to tell your make-up artist. If you will be out doors why not buy (or hire) co-ordinating parasols for yourself and your bridesmaids for the day.


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