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... (for medium to full coverage), MAC Face and Body Foundation (for sheer coverage). Steer clear of foundations with SPF; their active ingredient provokes a flash attack in photography, turning the face white ...
2. Wedding Photography - Where do I start?
(wedding photography/Photography Guides)
... wedding photographer has the experience, having proven themselves over and over with many couples. They keep up to date with the latest photography trends and they don’t just take pictures – they see things ...
3. Wedding Photography - Albums
(wedding photography/Photography Guides)
... frames or worse still under plastic sleeves to literally hundreds of styles, page designs and photo mounts. With digital photography and the printing options available, todays wedding albums are sleek ...
4. How to Choose the Right Style of Wedding Photography
(wedding photography/Photography Trends)
... choose. The photographer and style you choose can not only affect the look of your album, but also the flow of your wedding day! Understanding a few basic principles about wedding photography styles can ...
5. Your Wedding Photography Checklist
(wedding photography/Photography Guides)
... photography checklist all made out for you.  1. Hire a professional -- Under no circumstances you should take any chances on this matter. There are many fine points that only a professional can handle ...
6. Choosing Contemporary Wedding Photography
(wedding photography/Photography Trends)
... photography. Contemporary wedding photography is defined by a modern approach to a traditional custom. While traditional wedding photography often captures a conglomerate of formally posed pictures, ...
7. Photography Trends
8. Photography Guides
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