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1. Reception Centrepieces
(wedding flowers/Reception Flowers)
Wedding flower centrepieces are an important part of the wedding reception decorations. They not only provide a lovely visual for the guests to enjoy whilst seated but they also tie the whole wedding theme ...
2. Finding the Perfect Wedding Cake
(wedding cakes/Wedding Cake Guide)
3. Unique Alternatives to Wedding Cakes
(wedding cakes/Wedding Cake Styles)
... stylishly as their jumbo-sized relations. Whether the couple wants elegant cupcakes featuring monograms in the icing or sugary cupcakes adorned with frosting flowers, they can be certain that their wedding ...
4. Wedding Cakes-Choosing the Right "Taste"
(wedding cakes/Wedding Cake Guide)
... e flower decorations for your cake or a cake topper that incorporates flowers. If your wedding is around Christmas, you may consider topping your cake with a star. No matter what your theme may be, y ...
... flower, add a pretty sticker, or perhaps wrap a contrasting paper or silk ribbon band around the invitation. Fasten the papers together at the top. Using a small hole punch, make two holes through both ...
6. The Perfect Wedding Hair Style
(hair & make-up/Hair Styles)
7. Hair Accessories
(hair & make-up/Hair Styles)
... ry stores. One of the most popular hair accessories is the flower. Whether they are fresh or artificial, a large bloom worn over the ear, a sprinkling of small flowers tucked into curls or waves or combi ...
9. The Cocktail Wedding Reception
(wedding reception/Catering)
... g a venue. Heritage Inns, private homes and flower gardens are popular choices among those preferring the charm and intimacy of these venues to the formal elegance of halls and hotel ballrooms. A cockta ...
...  cut later. The biggest pieces of your decoration budget will be flowers and plants, so this is where you may be able to save the most money by getting creative. Consider buying your flowers wholesale a ...
11. Wedding Reception Decorating Ideas
(wedding reception/Decorations)
...  and light the place with soft candlelight and an abundance of flowers. You can have a modern wedding with cool ice sculptures with white and silver balloon accents. Keep your budget in the forefront o ...
12. The Language of Flowers
(wedding flowers/Bouquets)
13. Wedding Photography - Where do I start?
(wedding photography/Photography Guides)
14. Wedding Flowers That Special Finishing Touch
(wedding flowers/Reception Flowers)
Your wedding flowers play a very important part on your wedding day. It's not just the flower bouquets carried by you and your attendants, the flowers carry through to the ceremony and the reception. You ...
15. Preserving the Bouquet
(wedding flowers/Bouquets)
Your wedding bouquet can be kept for decades to come. The preservation method you choose will depend on the type of flowers in the bouquet and the look you want for your preserved bouquet. Here are a few ...
16. Bouquet Styles
(wedding flowers/Reception Flowers)
... of posy bouquets, one can be loose, hand tied and unstructured, the other formal and wired, the stems of the flowers are removed and replaced with florists wire, constructed into a much lighter posy with ...
17. Bridesmaids flowers
(wedding flowers/Reception Flowers)
... flowers. Roses and gerberas are the two flowers that we get asked for most when making bridesmaids bouquets. Both of these flowers are available in a wide range of colors, and can be made into elegant ...
18. Flowergirl flowers
(wedding flowers/Reception Flowers)
19. Hanging Flowers
(wedding flowers/Bouquets)
Easy steps for making hanging flower balls for your wedding using artificial flowers. You'll save a ton of money over using a florist! They'll look like they were made by a professional with fresh flowers--but ...
The flowers that you choose for your wedding will add so much. Flowers bring color, and romance, and unabashed beauty to any wedding. When you are deciding on which flowers to carry and use for displays, ...
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