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... then have the burden of making a final decision! Many couples these days go for a live band or a well-recommended DJ. Either would be fine as long as their repertoire contains a good mix of current hits ...
2. Finding the Perfect Wedding Cake
(wedding cakes/Wedding Cake Guide)
... for real weddings is another great place to start - you can see how couples have personalised their wedding cake to suit and the various ways they have worked it in with their theme. The next step is ...
3. Wedding Cakes and Cake Toppers
(wedding cakes/Wedding Cake Styles)
...  their future to be shared. This first piece of wedding cake is then taken in turn of feeding one another to insure their family should never go hungry. In addition, the wedded couple shall keep the to ...
4. Unique Alternatives to Wedding Cakes
(wedding cakes/Wedding Cake Styles)
When people typically think about wedding cakes, one vision comes to mind: a tall, white cake with tons of icing. This variety of wedding cake has been popular for decades. Some couples, however, choose ...
5. Wedding Stationery: A Formal Statement Or Tradition
(wedding stationery/Invitations)
... written, and hand addressed. This says a lot about you as a couple and should not be minimized. Sending email, leaving voice mail, even thanking the gift giver personally by telephone doesn't remove the ...
6. Wedding Invitations and Announcements
(wedding stationery/Invitations)
7. Choosing the Perfect Wedding Ring
(wedding fashion/Jewellery)
... s it is best to use a jeweller who one of your friends or family members have already used and would recommend for you because of such great results. If you are like most couples who are marrying, y ...
... ahead and buy a couple of those fun bridal magazines. What gowns do you find the most beautiful? You'll probably gravitate to one style or another. Remember that this is your big day. You can listen to ...
9. The Cocktail Wedding Reception
(wedding reception/Catering)
All too often newly married couples heave a sigh of relief when the reception is over. The feeling of being on display and the pressure of keeping to a rigid schedule of photographs, toasts, menu courses ...
10. Wedding Reception Decorating Ideas
(wedding reception/Decorations)
...  want for your important day? Do you want to have a formal wedding where black tie and evening gowns are expected? Or are you a casual, laid back type of couple. You can have a ceremony in the evenin ...
11. Wedding Vows for your Inspiration
(wedding ceremony/Wedding Vows)
... similar words can be for each couple and what they can mean to each person. The following is some samples as well as some brief advice on how to make your vows memorable. Wedding vows are about commitment. ...
12. Wedding Vows As Special As Your Love
(wedding ceremony/Wedding Vows)
... your wedding vows. Here are some ideas to help you come up with what you want your wedding vows to say, based on the type of relationship you have. If you are a traditional couple, you may want to stick ...
13. The Language of Flowers
(wedding flowers/Bouquets)
14. Wedding Photography - Where do I start?
(wedding photography/Photography Guides)
15. Wedding Photography - Albums
(wedding photography/Photography Guides)
16. Your Wedding Photography Checklist
(wedding photography/Photography Guides)
...  agreement is a formal document signed by the couple and the photographer that binds specific obligations to each other. It must be carefully looked over before you sign it and agree to the terms. It shoul ...
17. Choosing Contemporary Wedding Photography
(wedding photography/Photography Trends)
18. Bouquet Styles
(wedding flowers/Bouquets)