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1. Wedding Music - The Frugal Bride's Guide to Wedding Entertainment
(wedding entertainment/Entertainment Guide)
... your wedding entertainment. Of course, like everything having to do with weddings, the high price tag of wedding entertainment can intimidate the budget conscious bride. I don't recommend sacrificing the ...
... article is brought to you by "Chloe Beck Ltd" - Offering brides high quality wedding favours and bomboniere at low-cost prices. To view our vast range of wedding favours to suit your special occasion please ...
3. Wedding Cakes and Cake Toppers
(wedding cakes/Wedding Cake Styles)
...  the bride or over the bride and her groom signifying fertility as well as prosperity. The first cakes were of a salty nature, and then there came the wedding cakes made with sugar and no icing. Somewher ...
4. Unique Alternatives to Wedding Cakes
(wedding cakes/Wedding Cake Styles)
... brides and grooms at these weddings are opting to serve a variety of different types of pie. Some couples feature a broad spectrum of pies, such as lemon, strawberry, apple, or chocolate, at their reception. ...
5. Wedding Cakes-Choosing the Right "Taste"
(wedding cakes/Wedding Cake Guide)
... r wedding day perfect. Taste Testing: Finding the Right Flavor No longer are brides only limited to wedding cakes that are either yellow cakes or white cakes. There are so many flavors of cakes availab ...
6. Wedding Stationery: A Formal Statement Or Tradition
(wedding stationery/Invitations)
... receive a wedding invitation. Be certain to check with family members and especially parents of both the bride and groom. Parents can offer a surprising number of people to a wedding celebration that could ...
7. Wedding Invitations and Announcements
(wedding stationery/Invitations)
Whether you are a bride or a pro makeup artist, your greatest challenge will be turning the moment at the mirror into a lasting affair. Let's uncover what makes eye-shadow, lipstick and foundation stand ...
9. Wedding Make-up
(hair & make-up/Make-up)
There are so many details involved in your preparation for the big day and make-up is one of the details that is more important than most brides realise at first. Make-up completes the picture, you could ...
10. Hair Accessories
(hair & make-up/Hair Styles)
... me very popular again recently. A lot of brides are opting for a stunning hair accessory, with or without a birdcage veil instead of the traditional veil and with the recent popularity of the fascinat ...
11. Choosing your Wedding Jewellery
(wedding fashion/Jewellery)
... bracelets with many brides adopting this look in their wedding jewellery. The trend for tiaras too comes and goes. Whilst tiaras never go out of style with brides the style of the tiara can often change ...
...  of wedding dresses worn are floor length. Therefore, wedding shoes are rarely seen anyway. Borrow a pair of wedding shoes or buy an inexpensive pair. 7. Consider purchasing two pairs of shoes. Many bride ...
14. Wedding Gown Styles
(wedding fashion/Bridal)
The wedding gown is most important choice for a bride during her wedding. Every bride dreams of an enchanted wedding and a beautiful gown is what can make the bride look like a princess. Choosing a wedding ...
15. Bridesmaids Dresses
(wedding fashion/Bridesmaids)
16. Latest Trends in Coloured Wedding Gowns
(wedding fashion/Bridal)
... what others have to say, but you should stick to a style that you love. Ultra-feminine brides may long for a lacey, full-skirted creation. A sporty, active woman might prefer an unadorned, structured dress, ...
18. Reception Catering
(wedding reception/Catering)
19. Wedding Reception Decorating Ideas
(wedding reception/Decorations)
20. Wedding Vows for your Inspiration
(wedding ceremony/Wedding Vows)
... kes sense since marriage is one of the most enduring and consistent traditions of almost every recorded cultures. The following are a few sample examples of wedding vows: I, (Bride/Groom), take you (Groom/Bri ...
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